Nuke AUTO Write Node

I thought I share something I made last week.  I've been trying to figure out a good way to automate and increment Write nodes in nuke.  Usually I just need the file path to be in the same location as the Nuke script with a version folder for the renders matching the script version.  

My first attempt used TCL but found out that it doesn't work when sending the Nuke script to render on Deadline or Zync.  I started searching around for another way and found this post about Automatic Write Node Versioning by Peter Sauvey on Nukepedia where he shares a bit of python code that versions up all Write nodes to match the Nuke script version.

I went ahead and took this a step further and wrote a custom Write node with a button that will path the node to the saved Nuke script location and implement the python code into the Project Settings / Python / onScriptSave.

Now the Write node will keep the same version number as the Nuke script and since it is an absolute path the Write node has no issue rendering on Deadline or Zync.

Click here for the Nukepedia page if you'd like to try it out!